So that its preoccupation is only in letting grow its business

The Services of Datacenter of the Gtd Group respond to their more complex requirements efficiently, having an infrastructure with the high levels security, with greater capacity of energy provision, more flexibility to services of housing, with more efficient systems of air conditioning and the most modern technology and platforms of last generation to services of Cloud Computing, by means of virtual infrastructure to high capacity of processing and storage, endorsement of information, monitoring and administration of platforms YOU, among others services.

Systems and infrastructure of securitySystems and infrastructure of security
Efficiency energetics and environmental viabilityEfficiency energetics and environmental viability
Services of Datacenter and Soluciones YOUServices of Datacenter and Soluciones YOU


The infrastructure of Datacenter of the Gtd Group allows to grant discharge availability to its services critics, protecting its technological platform and reducing to the risks product of nonavailability of services and losses of information.

National network of Datacenter Gtd, with infrastructure distributed geographically in the main cities of the country, and in Santiago, by means of different buildings, privileging locations within, with diverse independent rooms, that facilitate the implementation of architectures and superfluous systems of high performance.

More than 5000 m2 of infrastructure and rooms of datacenter at national level.

Complete infrastructure redundancy of energy, air conditioning and connectivity, all in disposition at least n+1.

System of air conditioning of the last generation, being most modern and ecological of the country.

Homological infrastructure norm TIA942 level Tier 3

Efficiency energetics and environmental viability

Infrastructure of last technology for services of Virtual Datacenter
and Services of Cloud Computing (IAAS, PAAS and SAAS).

Service of lack ferocity, integral monitoring and has supported the 24 hours of the day.

When to call to Emergency?

Our Datacenter

EpalsPage has its servers in datacenter with redundancy in the infrastructure of Energy, Air conditioning and Connection in N+1

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We are connected to connections double route of 100 national Megabyte.

Simply it flies and it enjoys the UpTime major the Country.

Technical support Certificate in cPanel

EpalsPage has a technical support specialized and certificate in cPanel, which will give to a complete service before doubts and problems associated to the service of hosting.

Totally free!
Telephone Technical support, Mail and via Chat

The service of Hosting that gives EpalsPage, With but of a decade of Experience, is of high quality since it has servers in datacenter with energy and connects duplicated, services of daily, weekly and monthly endorsement, altogether with a personnel of technical support specialized and certificate by Cpanel.

About EpalsPage:

Our experience by more than 12 years gives the capacity to us to be an outstanding company of Hosting , with services of Servers Housing, lodging Web hosting, hosting linux, hosting Windows, data bases MySQL, data bases SQL Server, self-managing cars of purchase, development Web, design Web, portals next to our personnel certificate by cPanel for the support delivery. We have to the comfort of our clients the use electronic invoice, which emits after that we have received its proof of payment. We have our office in the commune of Providence, Stgo. in which our clients can concur in case they need a meeting by products, to realise payments or to obtain support for cases that require a greater proximity with our clients.

Our servers of last generation are lodged in datacenter national, type Tier 3 certificate ISO-9001: 2000, this means that we have a fast answer in case of wrecks, lack ferocities and/or configurations since our personnel can concur when located datacenter in strategic form in the city of Santiago, .

Compatible Hosting with Wordpress
The service is absolutely compatible with the software written in php Wordpress call, this software is one otherwise known and used, as much by his great versatility, the subjects available in Internet and of easy management, without a doubt it is used by webmaster in this was of Web 2.0

Registry of Domains
Our company of hosting realises the registry of domains .cl in NIC

Hosting Joomla
Nowadays Joomla is one of the favorite administrators of contents for strong portals, its great versatility and amount of plugins or units allows this platform that webmaster many options have so that the website is but interactive. It is necessary to have quite well-taken care of in units and/or extensions that settle since sometimes these contain malicious virus or codes, one is due to unload and to install plugins or extensions for joomla from the official pages and greater security to investigate in the forums of joomla about the extension to use altogether with updating joomla surely creates an atmosphere but for their website with this CMS.

Dedicated servers Housing
Our service of dedicated Servers is given in datacenter of completes generation with biometric access, high speed of connection, with energy generator, give in modality of servers in leasing and own servers, in operating systems linux and Windows.

Private servant Virtual VPS
This service provides an access root superadministrator to its VPS which is a virtual servant who saves the acquisition of hardware without risking the resources of RAM and CPU, is recommendable for sites that require a servant of individual form, that is to say the service is not shared but it is a dedicated service.

Reseller remarketer
The service of Multidominios or Reseller is for which they wish to be remarketers of our services, we have plans for all type needs or in amount of domains or disc resources