Microsoft Outlook 2003

The process will only take 1 minute in easy steps:

In order to form Outlook 2003 or another client of e-mail, it will need to know how as they are his servers POP3 and smtp.

In the majority of cases their servers POP3 and smtp will be, by ex. or

If he wants to confgurar the service Google GMail the servers are and

In order to form this client of email
Abra Outlook 2003

In the menu bar, he goes to the pull-down menu Tools and selects Accounts of e-mail

In the page that load is selected To add a new account of e-mail

In the first card of the assistant it selects option POP3 and it presses the Following button

In the form Configuration of e-mail of Internet You Can:
To change the Name of the mail account

To specify a Company or an E-mail of answer.
He selects to the card Servant of exit.

My servant of exit activates the option (SMTP) requires authentication.
He leaves activated the option To use the same configuration that my servant of entrance mail
He makes Click in the button Accept

In the form of e-mail accounts he makes click in the Following button

A message of Congratulations! it indicates to him that its account of mail has been formed
It makes Click in the button Finalize.

all the data that in this tutorial find are only of example.