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EpalsPage Comunicaciones Ltda. presents their policies of use, that along with the Agreement of use must be observed by each and every one of the clients and visitors, by virtue of the use of services, EpalsPage Comunicaciones Ltda.

When using the site of EpalsPage Comunicaciones Ltda., you accept these policies of use. If he does not accept these terms, he does not use the site of EpalsPage Comunicaciones Ltda. EpalsPage Comunicaciones Ltda. reserves the right, to their discretion, to at any time change, to modify, to add or to suppress parts of the present terms. The subscriber must review periodically if these terms have changed. The continuous use of the site of EpalsPage Comunicaciones Ltda. after the incorporation of changes to the present terms will imply the acceptance of these changes.

The Clients will have to respect these policies of use being avoided to realise or to participate in following prohibited activities:


All the services prove铆dos by EpalsPage Comunicaciones Ltda. must be used for totally allowed intentions. The transmission, storage or presentation of any information, data or materials in violation of any law or local, state, federal or international regulation applicable, are prohibited. This includes, but a is not limited: material with rights of author, obscene or aggressive material, or material protected by rights name brand or similar. Examples of content or I connect unacceptable are:

Pornographic or explicitly sexual material that this outside local, state or federal the laws applicable to the matter.
Illegal Software (pirate)
Programs or archives hacker.

Pornographic or explicitly sexual material is prohibited in all the servers of EpalsPage Comunicaciones Ltda. It includes references to any other site with these contents. EpalsPage Comunicaciones Ltda. will be the only responsible part to determine if it happens a violation to this statute.

The client will have to be greater of 18 years to obtain our service.

Any violation to material protected by author rights, whose brand this patented registering or, without the express knowledge of the possessor of the right of author, the patented trademark or rights. EpalsPage Comunicaciones Ltda. can be required by the Law to erase or to block the access to content under suspicion of violation of author rights.

EpalsPage Comunicaciones Ltda. does not allow the own Subscribers to install their chat rooms and/or IRC. The Chat Rooms and IRC constitute an application excessively plaintiff of the resources of the Services, reason why the servers and infrastructure of EpalsPage Comunicaciones Ltda. are not allowed in. Sin embargo, EpalsPage Comunicaciones Ltda. allows to make references (links) within the Service to suppliers of Chats.

Each account owns its own directory CGI-BIN, who can be used freely by the Client to execute any script, reserving EpalsPage Comunicaciones Ltda. the right of deshabilitar any cgi that arrived to interfere with or to affect the normal operation or high performance of the Service to other Clientes y/o Suscriptores de EpalsPage Comunicaciones Ltda. For protection of all the Clientes, EpalsPage Comunicaciones Ltda. the right is reserved to deny the service to Clients who continue abusing the resources of the Service which they could affect the normal operation or high performance.

EpalsPage Comunicaciones Ltda. is committed to adopt a policy of zero tolerances to the mail trash. The term Mail trash includes, but it is not limited, sent massive of mail nonasked for and/or commercial messages in Internet, as well as letters of chain. EpalsPage Comunicaciones Ltda. will determine to their single discretion violations to this policy on the part of the Subscribers. The sale through the Services of programs to generate mail trash absolutely is prohibited. Inadequate activities include the Spamming (to send publicity via e-mail not solicitd to those with those who the client does not have work relation some, to place publicity in groups of the news that they do not have to do with the topic); spoofing (to use a direction of mail return that is not a direction been worth of the emitter or to send a mail message that does not contain sufficient information that it allows the receiver to identify that really sends the message; passive Spamming (to promote a website provided with accomodations by Large city Internet by means of the Spamming of another source)
For complaints or commentaries as far as mail trash in the Services or network of EpalsPage Comunicaciones Ltda., use to send them to [email protected]

It is prohibited to falsify, to omit, to suppress or to mask heads of message, directions of mail answer and/or directions IP to hide, to conceal or to distort the origin of a message.

The use of the Services is prohibited to create or to send virus, worms or Trojan horses in Internet, as well as the bombing of e-mail and attacks of negation on watch. All the Subscribers will have to abstain to become jumbled in activities whose aim is to interrupt or to interfere with the ability of the other Subscribers to use the Services or to take to end their activities in Internet, or that can be in it.

The Hacking and related or similar activities are prohibited. The Hacking includes, but it is not limited the following activities: the illegal or nonauthorized access to restricted computers, networks, accounts and other sites, or the penetration or attempt to penetrate nonpublic zone and safety measures.

This absolutely prohibited the use of the services to generally store, to send, to unfold, to pass on, to announce or to put at the disposal of the public child pornography.
The presence and/or transmission of child pornography will be notified by EpalsPage Comunicaciones Ltda. to the competent authorities.

The use of the services to take to end any illegal activity is prohibited. Illegal activities include, but they are not limited a:
to generally store, to send, to unfold, to pass on, to announce or to put at the disposal of the public pyramids of swindle, confidential information on credit cards without the permission of its proprietors
to introduce, to publish, to send e-mails or of another way to transmit any Content to which you do not have right to transmit under some law or some contractual or fiduciary relation (as privileged information, well-known or revealed own or confidential information as part of a labor relation or under agreements of confidentiality);
not to fulfill applicable laws of privacy in line, thus to watch or of another way to harass the public generally.
to introduce, to publish, to send e-mails or of another way to transmit any Content that infringes any patent, trademark, commercial, right secrets of reproduction or any other right of property of anyone of the parts or third parties.
The violation, of intentional way or without intention, of any law applicable local, state, federal or international, including, but not limited, regulations promulgated by the Commission of Monitoring of the Stock market, any rule of any national or another commission.

Infractions to this section will be notified by EpalsPage Comunicaciones Ltda. to the competent authorities, y EpalsPage Comunicaciones Ltda. will cooperate whenever it is necessary with these authorities.

The use of the services is prohibited to introduce, to publish, to send by email electronic or of another way to transmit any Content that goes against the law, it harms, it threatens, it abuses, it attacks, it tortures, it defames, he is vulgar, obscene, it slanders, it invades the privacy of another one, it generates racial hatred and/or ethnic or of another way it is reason for objection.

Activities, that in only opinion of EpalsPage Comunicaciones Ltda., could interfere with or interrupting the Service or the servers or the connected internal networks with the Service, to affect subjects, reputation, good will, clients or trade relations of EpalsPage Comunicaciones Ltda., or another way to act of a way that adversely affects the ability of other Subscribers to make use of Servicios de EpalsPage Comunicaciones Ltda., are prohibited. Prohibited activities include doing use or to put to disposition, any program, product or designed service, with intention, or that could be used to violate these policies of use. By addition, the negation of a subscriber to cooperate with EpalsPage Comunicaciones Ltda. to correct or to prevent violations to these policies on the part of its clients.
EpalsPage Comunicaciones Ltda. does not try systematically to monitor the content of the Subscribers to ensure the observation these policies, nevertheless, when EpalsPage Comunicaciones Ltda. got to find out possible violations to these policies of use or Convenio de Uso, EpalsPage Comunicaciones Ltda. reserves the right to execute action to stop or to correct violations, these actions include, but without limiting a: to deny a website, to deny access to the Services and/or to erase information.

Adem谩s, EpalsPage Comunicaciones Ltda. reserves the right to take action against a subscriber or a client from this subscriber, even if these actions affect other clients of the same subscriber.

EpalsPage Comunicaciones Ltda. has the right to reveal the Content or any information in its power, including data of Subscribers, transmissions of Internet and activities in Internet, if by mandate of the law thus it is required or by the belief of good faith that this maintenance or revelation is reasonably necessary it stops:
to fulfill legal processes;
to make fulfill the Agreement of use
to respond to reclamations that involve any Content that reduces the rights of third parties; or
to protect the rights, the property, or the security of Expert Solutions, its subscribers, Clients and the public generally.
EpalsPage Comunicaciones Ltda. will not have the obligation to notify nowhere, including the own Subscriber, about the revelation of this information.

The client is responsible by all activity originated from his account unless she tries to be an external victim of hacking or of falsification for direction. The client is responsible to assure his name user and password (username/password). The client assumes the responsibility of all the material in his site that can be put by one third person (as the use of pages for Free All). The use of the services requires certain level of knowledge in the use of languages, protocols and software of Internet. This level varies following the use and content wished in the space Web of the client. The following examples are offered:

In order to publish its website: it requires HTML knowledge, to locate and to bind documents appropriately, to place contents Web with FTP as: graphs, text, sound, maps of image, etc.

To publish with Front Page: knowledge of tools Frontpage as well as understanding and capacity for the use of telnet and FTP.

Scripts cgi: it requires knowledge of the UNIX atmosphere, commandos TAR and GUNZIP, Perl, scripts CShell, permissions, etc.

Mail (Mail): use of clients to receive and to send mail, etc.

The client accepts that he or it has the knowledge necessary to create and to maintain its space Web. The client accepts that it is not responsibility of EpalsPage Comunicaciones Ltda. to provide this knowledge or to offer support in external subjects that are not specifically of the servers of EpalsPage Comunicaciones Ltda.

The client accepts, who to the purchase of its domain in our company, the same will be administered ONLY by EpalsPage Comunicaciones Ltda. It stays as policy ours, not to accept no transference asked for by other Companies, which we grant is the address of the domain to the DNS that the Company applicant requires, with approval of the proprietor of the Webpage.

Weekly complete endorsements, and every night of new or changed information take to end. There are guarantees of no no type, or it express or implicit, with respect to the integrity of these endorsements (backups). The endorsements are realised only for intentions of restoration of the servant. It is responsibility of the client to maintain local copies of the content of his website. If some for the client happened lost of information due to an error of EpalsPage Comunicaciones Ltda., EpalsPage Comunicaciones Ltda. will try to recover the information without position.

EpalsPage Comunicaciones Ltda. maintains the control and is proprietor of anyone and all the numbers and directions IP that could have been assigned to the client and reserve of their whole discretion the right to change or to eliminate anyone and all the numbers and directions IP.

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